Operating Principles:
The Men-to-Men Discussion Gathering

We believe:

  1. The reason we gather is to share our emotional and spiritual selves with other men and help us realize that we are not alone
  2. Our purpose is to provide a safe place and offer non-judgmental support for one another
  3. To maintain a safe environment for all, confidentiality is essential. Outside these walls, we do not disclose members’ names
  4. We speak about our feelings and emotions and emphasize the personal impact of our experiences and life events
  5. We listen to each speaker with attention and priority
  6. In fellowship with each other, we affirm our diversity and bridge our differences with respect, honesty and integrity
  7. We refrain from negativity, sarcasm and inappropriate humor when we interact because it undermines the safety of our group
  8. Healing and growth occur within an empathetic, supportive and accepting environment. This is the setting we strive to create
  9. Though some members may have been in group therapy, and/or recovery groups, we do not follow those formats
  10. We are not here to fix, advise or instruct anyone and we do not offer suggestions unless we are directly asked for them
  11. There are no fees or dues, but there is a cost for renting this room. The suggested donation is $10.00
  12. We humbly ask that you share your heart, your ears and your voice

This is why we are here