Support Group Format

Our two-hour meeting begins promptly at 7:00 pm on Wednesday nights.

Welcome: Welcome to the Wednesday Night Men-to-Men’s Meeting

Cell Phones: Please turn off cell phones and other devices. 

The Circle: We sit in a circle to symbolize continuity, unity and equality.

The Candles:  We light three candles to symbolize the past, the present and the future.

The Operating Principles: We read the operating principles to remind us why we are here.

Announcements: We discuss any announcements or business relevant to the group. 

Meditation/Guided Imagery: Our meditation/guided imagery is for relaxation, centering and being present in the moment.  (Any member may lead the meditation/guided visualization or the facilitator can read one.)

Check-In:  Our brief individual check-in, of 2 to 3 minutes each, is to update the group to where we are in the moment.

Topic: Topics evolve from the attendee check-ins.

Discussion:  Group discussion on the topics unless a member is in need of support regarding a different issue.

Closing:  We offer thanks, hope and blessings until we meet again.

The Facilitator

We do not have a group leader; we have a group facilitator. The facilitator opens and closes and ensures the smooth running of the meeting. It is the facilitator’s responsibility to keep the group true to the operating principles. This is accomplished by his following the meeting format; ensuring that group members get time to share, if they so choose; maintaining the use of “i” statements; discouraging inappropriate humor; and keeping the meeting on topic, unless a member is in need of support regarding a different issue.

Although one facilitator leads each meeting, we have two co-facilitators.  They alternate meetings and stand in for each other if the need arises.