Last Wednesday's meeting was really unforgettable for me, not only because of the uniquess of our get-togethers but also, due to the discussion itself. It looked as if we would have agreed on not having an impactful emotion to share, and so we talked about our first attendance to the group and the deep reasons for it.

Sometimes, we, men, believe that our needs are unique and personal and that it would be very difficult to run into other men with the same needs and feelings. Silly us! 

It was compelling to hear that before the first meeting, all the guys had the same doubts and fears about joining a group like this. I am positive that we always heard the same warning when we were kids: "Don't talk to strangers"!!! Well, these "strangers" have listened to me, gave me support and also celebrated my good times...and I now wonder who the strangers really are?

I have been attending this group for over one year and a half and I am always grateful for this and for the warm welcome I had from the very beginning, when I emailed Richard before joining and met Brad in person at the first meeting. I also have been listening carefully to all the things you needed to share and many, many times, it was like I was the one also feeling in that way.

Dale said this week: "here, we take our Superman costumes off". I would add: " and we become human beings too". 

Thank you guys again. I feel blessed to belong to a brotherhood like this because, our get-togethers already represent an important part of my life. As somebody said; " when we turn off the lights before sleeping, we are all the same". 

Warm regards to all of you.